daily painting titled White roses in a vase

White roses in a vase

14cm x 22cm, oil on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Friday 28 November, 2014
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Congratulations Ruth; wishing you much sucess
Bravo Ruth!
Hi Ruth, I loved your book and ordered a bunch and gave them to friends. I am very happy for you. You have a lovely voice.
Absolutely super, Ruth. Tres chouette! And, I love your roses, Julian.
BRAVA! Ruth. I loved the book. I am so glad that the panel did too. Looking forward to hearing in March!
Brava, Ruth and good luck!
Congratulations Ruth, You deserve those beautiful roses!
Congratulations to Ruth! The roses are gorgeous.
Congratulations Ruth. Wonderful acheivement
A charming and cherished book Ruth and so true to all I experienced in my magical week with you and Julian in the first ever workshop! So well deserved. Congratulations and best of luck. Julian, as always, it is a joy to wake up to a painterly little gem each morning, thank you.
I have your book, Ruth, and enjoyed reading it. Congratulations! You do deserve those beautiful roses!
Felicitations Ruth, et toi Julian one of your best with your roses to help celebrate!
Everything about this, from the colour pallet, simple composition, the technical execution to the FEELING is faultless. I written it before, you have a real talent with flowers Julian.
Congratulations Ruth - I have just bought the kindle version - looking forward to a pleasant time reading.
Glad judges loved your book like your readers did. Julian, your daily gifts go on and on.
FANTASTIC!!!! I thoroughly enjoyed your book Ruth and will be 'holding thumbs' for the final selection! Also holding thumbs that you will write another....the combination of your wonderful writing and hearing about Julian's magnificent paintings is SUCH a treat!
I haven't read your book Ruth but will take a look. Well done for having gotten this far and best of luck for the final result. I second another comment re: the roses Julian. Even if I don't comment all the time, I enjoy getting the paintings in my mailbox and one day might get to buy one if they are still affordable then! Keep going.
Dear Julian,congratulations to your wife! I hope the lovely roses in the superbly painted,sparkling vase, are for you, Ruth. I read your memoire, poetic vignettes and a fine sense of humour too, a fascinating insight into the lives of two people, nourished and sustained by their artistic passion. Bonne chance, Ruth, richly deserved. Anna H.
Merci pour tes fleurs Julian (j'ai eu envie de sentir leur parfum...) et congratulations Ruth, j'ai beaucoup aimé ton livre, sa finesse et son humour et la grande histoire d'amour qu'il nous offre. Je te souhaite de gagner ce prix! Tu as déjà gagné celui des lecteurs... comme je le vois avec les comments. Bises amicales, Virginie
Congratulations Ruth!!! I think that your book has a very good chance of winning. The roses that you received became a lovely painting that I received on a cold day in Toronto.
Kudos to you Ruth! .... and celebrate with such Beautifully painted roses! Tish.
Dear Ruth, I've been meaning to read your book for a while now, and meant to buy the hardcopy when I stayed at La Madeline last year, but forgot as I went out the door. I started the kindle version yesterday and was so enchanted that I read it straight through! Now I'll buy the hardcopy for my bookshelf, where I only place books that I've really loved and want to keep. Your book is that and I look forward to your next one. Thank you!
That's fabulous about Ruth's book, and good luck. I wish you would both put out new books. I've looked at all your prints and I figure they'd go nicely in a new book. And I'd love an update on your life that includes Louis. Oh, and I loved the vase of roses too!