daily painting titled Bread and olives

Bread and olives

20cm x 13cm, oil on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Thursday 26 March, 2015
Posted in Still life paintings


Goya would say: - Estupendo, mi amigo Julian! Your piece of bread has something perturbing, as many of my allegorical paintings. You have transcended a simple thing to bring it in an other mental dimension! "La pittura e cosa mentale", cosa mentale as said Leonardo and he was right! With that simple piece of bread, you have reached the "cosa mentale". Then Goya disappeared in the dark background and rejoined his time.
Amazing piece. You still use quick drying oils or just normal ones?
I use a couple, my w&n Titanium white and burnt sienna but this was still very wet when I'd finished!
Where's the wine? Beautiful. Great light and shine.
Oh, what a master you are!
Eeek! Hero worship comes to mind.....
One of your best Julian. I agree that a glass of wine seems appropiate; however, the painting connotes a simple but rich, healthy and satisfying dish of food.
I always love your work?And I got a great surprise today: Your book came in the mail!!
JUlian, WOW a beauty! .... and mouth watering as well! Tish.
Superb !
Dear Julian, the bread, the olives and the familiar pottery dish, a simple, beautiful painting with a deep spiritual resonance.
I like the combination of rough and smooth surfaces. I am trying to figure out what your new bakery choice is and where it is. B.