daily painting titled Bowl of clementines

Bowl of clementines

20cm x 13cm, oil on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Thursday 10 November, 2016
Posted in Still life paintings


I liked the first one a lot ... but find I like this one even more!!
Very nice change of pace.
Hi Julian , this is great , can you explain a little more about the set up. I guess I'm a little thick , just didn't get it? Thanks Craig
I love your new setup! I usually like your dark backgrounds where the fruit is the light, but I really like this new light effect. The clementines are stunning! Someday, I will get to buy one of your paintings. But in the meantime, each one lights up my day. I have personal thoughts about them, but I have never expressed them before. Also, we go to the Languedoc area each summer. We have shared ownership in a ruin converted to a house in the medieval village of Vieussan, population 107. The rest of the year, we are in Dallas, where I use your paintings as a gauge of what is going on weatherwise in France, and how the vegetation is changing over time. You are not too far from Vieussan. Thanks for sharing your really cool paintings. Pat
This is beautiful Julian, I hope it is cherished by the highest bidder. My grandmother was called Clementine, if only she were still here so I could buy it for her. Best wishes from London Annika
thats a very beautiful one , all the greys and the blue work so well with the orange , and the elegantly trained leaf .... perfect !
My studio which is narrow, maybe 12ft wide but 40ft long has a window at one end which faces east. My set-up for still life has been on the north wall next to the window ie window on my right, light therefore falling from right to left. Now I've moved it to the south wall so the window's on my left with light raking across the elements left to right. It means that I'm not crossing my arm over the light on my canvas for example, not getting a brush shadow while applying paint, it's also just nice to have a change!!
Gorgeous, simply gorgeous. I do appreciate the light, in these dark mornings!
LOVE this one! Participated in the auction but was out bid. Hoping you'll someday make prints to sell online so I can continue to enjoy it in my kitchen. (Please)