daily painting titled Two lemons

Two lemons

20cm x 12cm (8"x5"), oil on gessoed card Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Monday 22 November, 2010
Posted in Still life paintings


Interesting that your sure sign of winter reminds most of lemonade and ice tea, sure signs of summer. Lovely painting.
Thank you for yet another superb example of rendering of texture, colour and lighting. However, I'm intrigued that your still life and scenic styles seem so different, especially when you are painting fruit. You are secretly addicted to citrus? Best regards Bob
It's interesting to see you venturing into words on your posts at last Julian. You're going to find it a tad tedious after a while though, coming up with ever new and 'spontaneous' pithy comments for your fans. I find it tricky too and occasionally wonder why I bother. Money, perchance? (Or is that too cynical? Grin.) By the way - and far more importantly - that's a rather good painting you've just done. Lovely subtle edges.
Julian, this is absolutely exquisite. I have one of your lemon prints which I love, but this is the best ever.
What a gorgeous painting! I love the rich green leaves around the lemons, and can smell lemony citrus scent just looking at this one.
You get better day-by-day. Not to inflat your head to much! :). For the near amount of time I have come to your lovely site, I see a new insight in your paintings each day. Don't stop to notice! You are on a wonderful magical roll!
I am hoping you will make prints of your lemon series, esp. this one....Gorgeous!
Beautiful. I'd like to study painting with you.
Hi Julian I love the way you have manipulated the light on the lemons; they are depicted with a soft focus in contrast to the sharp focus of the vessel behind (even though it is in shadow). It is an interest strategy on your part. Those green stems on the lemon tell me that, when you cut this lemon, the smell will be intoxicating.