daily painting titled Crillon-le-brave


20cm x 13cm (8x5"), oil on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Friday 5 July, 2013
Posted in Landscape paintings


You have a good eye. Excellent.
So surprising! Wonderful distribution of lights and shadows, of reverberations into the shades. The triangular roof looks like a circus tent so it adds a joyful feeling to the whole painting. The rectangular shadow in the background seems like an abstraction in a realistic picture. The big wall on the left is a marvel of tints and reverberations and the wrinkles of the stone tell us something of the old stories related to all the families that lived behind. And what about the green foliage that looks like an hesitating dog who wants to jump down on the dark shadow of the path in order to protect from the heat of the day! Obviously... Julian does not agree!
Excellent point of view. Keep doing it.
Dear Julian, What a great subject. Seeing what you do architecturally is amazing. The way you handle the lighting makes it. The colors are always grand. Thank you so much for sharing your art each day.
Dear Julian, quelle surprise after the countryside views! How lovely to catch a glimpse of old Crillon-le-brave. The light past the large shadowed house wall is incredibly evocative. It triggers memories of sunbaked, dusty limestone walls, pines, oleanders, geraniums, a flowing fountain eroded by centuries. And the blessed coolness of a shuttered room at siesta time..... Anna.
Alain is very good in describing your painting. I'd love to see this spot in person. It looks intriguing to me, and you have brought it to life for me. Thanks,Julian.
Nice, very nice -I bet it's sold! I would love to have it.
Thank you, Julian, for this very lovely study of contrasting light vs dark, large vs small shapes and stunning color. Pat
The colors of your shades! The values are a delicate pleasure.