daily painting titled Fountain


20cm x 18cm, oil on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Thursday 11 June, 2015
Posted in Landscape paintings


Lovely light and that tap looks like it's been there for a very long time!
Oh, how I struggled with one of these many years ago. Yours is do fresh, yet solid! Maybe, I should try again!
its water supply. it's means it is.
lovely time-worn stone
Dear Julian, the recent paintings, including the sketchy demonstrations, love them all. Your hand and your eye work in perfect union, all of the work is so fresh and never laboured. Truth and heart, as in passion, will always triumph. Fountains are one of my favourite subjects. Here the sunlight plays gently over the solid cool stone and when connected and the old brass tap turned on, it will come alive and it will subtly change the environment. Damp patches on the stone, a little moss here and there and the birds will come to inspect the new source of water. Enchanting!
I like here the strange rusty tap which,like a propeller starship,sits on top of a strange sooty-like pyramid printed on the wall: this fountain hides a terrible secret...
I am now recalling "Manon des Sources" and a shiver runs down my spine, merci Alain!!
You certainly know the famous Medicis fountain of Luxembourg garden in Paris. Please compare its water surface with the water surface of Julian painting. The same phenomenon: both are slightly sloping! Art is magic! Regards