daily painting titled A Bowl of Lemons

A Bowl of Lemons

41cm x 27cm (16"x 11"), Oil on Linen Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Monday 17 March, 2008
Posted in Still life paintings


Les plus chaleureuses félicitations d'un tout petit maître du réalisme à ce Grand Maître du clair obscur qu'est Julian !
Your work is wonderful! I first saw it googling paintings many years ago before you painted for the Queen Mary. I looked forward to viewing the finished works and now to your wonderful daily paintings. You are inspiring!
I've been receiving your beautiful paintings in my inbox for several years now (starting when we used to live in Dijon) and feel compelled to finally comment today. Many of your paintings cause me to gasp with pleasure, but this one really took my breath away. Thank you so much for sharing your gift. It is a highlight of my day when your lovely and inspiring work appears. Best wishes.
Thanks - this is a masterpiece !
I so look forward to opening my shifting light mail each day - every time I am surprised and delighted. Today is no exception! I too paint, and your work is truly inspiring. Thank you :o)
The chiaroscuro is very eye-catching and dramatic. I am curious whether you used natural or incandescent light for this group.
Hi Sharon, this is natural light, a situation I prefer though not always available!
Beautiful... and inspiring for the beginning art student. It's wonderful to open each day's mail. Thank you.
This is so sweet! There is something so human about pears! They are just kissing-beautifully arranged...you are so talented!