daily painting titled Baseball cap

Baseball cap

13cm x 19cm, oil on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Sunday 9 February, 2014
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Brilliant! Who is this handsome beast?! Love it Julian. So much energy in the marks
Hi Julian, This certainly captures the sense of a determined, hard-working man. Thanks, Naomi
Love it! So different from the last one. Do you ever use a palette knife????so nice to just wipe off and not have to wash brushes! Thanks as always, grace
That lilac next to the pale green on chin/neck .GENIUS! Just fabulous( so boring to say it again!)
A very interesting self portrait, Julian. As I commented previously, you seem to be getting more colorful and bolder in your brush strokes. It is like you are transitioning. I enjoy the multitude of different colors in this one.
FANtabulous Julian as always!
Marvelous, wonderful, inspired, an inspiration. Thank you
Ever tried to get some locals to sit for you Julian? Your as good at faces as anyone now (at least your own).
features masterpices , superb !
A cracker ... the best one yet.
Dear Julian, an "in your face" self portrait, assertive, almost confrontational and very alpha male. A rugged face sculpted with vigorous slashes of dirty pink, terra verte and lavender violet, springing out of a Van Goghian ochre back ground. The familiar all seeing left eye boring into the spectator. The baseball cap adds a "don't mess with me" look! There is a very faint echo of one of Chardin's pastel self portrait, where he is looking out rather defiantly from under a brim. We better get used to the new Julian,he has passed a painterly mile stone! Anna. Anna.
and I might add that ya big mug is hoggin' the pictcha!
I love this painting - bold, loose, colourful balanced, intriguing. And I just bought it. I am happy as. Can not wait to see the original in July. Thank you again