daily painting titled Les Gargories from La Madeleine

Les Gargories from La Madeleine

20cm x 13cm, oil on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Thursday 6 June, 2013
Posted in Landscape paintings


Love the bold "windy" brush strokes and colour
Julian---I love seeing your work.It's always an inspiration.Karen Kimmell
I really must comment this one,Julian. Incredible work!Sky and use of black tones worthy of Eugene Boudin. And a superb "non finito" in the foreground: the brushstrokes here add a lively sense of motion to this peaceful scene, like a ripple effect.At last no anecdotal story,just the tiny sketch of houses.The dark area in the middle echoing the clouds is haunting...A masterpiece.
Dear Julian, I'm gazing at your painting and feel as if I'm right there enjoying the fresh air and wanting to climb the hills. To me what makes your painting great is how it looks like one stroke is applied and you leave it. Not messing with it constantly. It gives a painting a fresh clean look and not muddy. One favor can you change metric to inches for me so I have some idea what size you show us here. Thanks so much for sharing your wonderful talents.
Beautiful alla prima painting. I so appreciate the immediacy with which you paint, and I'm envious of the fresh quality of your work. I'm also interested in you changing from the metric system to inches so that I and others from the U.S. can get a clearer idea of your work size.