daily painting titled Old Cabanon and Poppies

Old Cabanon and Poppies

27cm x 22cm, oil on linen

Painting status: SOLD

Daily painting for Monday 15 May, 2006
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hmmm.......once again pictures sold before they appear on the page.... Fellow browser, I am convinced this manis operating the old "scarcity" sting...no-one is actually buying these things...he just hoarding them in his dusty candle-lit garrett so that his widow will be dead wealthy when he is dead... ..and at this distance I can't actualy tell that they are poppies....
Wow! I grabbed at this one in a Hoosier minute - maybe the smell of the poppies got to me. Now the waiting begins...
Love this painting. Beautiful red poppies, sunny days - sure beat the dreary pouring rain weather that we're having in New York City at the moment. Wish I had this painting to daydream with...
Hmmm! BJ, you may have a point. But how else am I going to spend my welfare check? Anyway, the Fat Lady hasn't yet sung on this one, and I don't know whether I've actually bought it.
Good luck, Bartow. We can have a West Lafayette J M-S fan-club -- whether you win today or not. BJ, may I gracefully suggest that you relax and watch this site for a while before jumping in!
Sorry Barlow you were very close (and getting closer) Valerie first bid back in Feb so has waited a good time and came plum first. BJ (my lawyer) has several paintings and is just annoyed that there is now competition for them. He also knows nothing about poppies (but knows an Iris when he sees one)!
Well...BJ...I happen to know Ms J.M.S. and she would much rather have JMS than the $$..no question! The man has sold almost everything he has painted..I know that,too-for a fact! He doesn't have a scheming bone in his body either..so quit being a sore loserand get a life!(And Yes...they are poppies!)
Ohhh....BJ is your lawyer..and one with a sense of humor, too. I jumped to your defense before reading all the comments. Apologies to BJ..He almost started a riot, however.:-)
OK, me too -- sorry BJ. Negative "posters" usually get jumped on because we all want to keep the happy vibe so Julian is happy and paints lots of paintings....
I am delighted to have finally won! I was certainly not holding my breath but was keeping my fingers crossed. Fellow bidders, I certainly understand your frustration as I have been there many times before. Now I can get back to my day job. Thank you Julian for the lovely poppies. Good luck to all tomorrow!!!
Congratulations, Valerie (Accent on the "grrr")- I might just have to get a print of this one. (Poppyless at Purdue and still not doing my day job) Bartow
Hey Julian, this is very special, very evocative. It's tres exciting watching your technique develop. You're really doing it, big guy. Very proud to have lent you a bicycle in the difficult years.
stunning,stunning, stunning. You captured it perfectly! truly wonderful watching your paintings get better and better- just amazing how you are capturing the light and the feeling in those fields! such a pleasure to open the email and see these treasures whether you get to own them or not! bravo!
Thanks Bartow! I have a good feeling that you will not be poppyless for long! I am sure that Julian will delight us with more poppies in the near future. Followed later in the summer by lavender fields. And you will have one less bidder to vie against tomorrow. I am taking the day off :-)