daily painting titled Boats at Essaouira

Boats at Essaouira

20cm x 14cm, oil on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Monday 9 March, 2015
Posted in Marine paintings


A sensory performance of lines, outlines and colours that brings me a deep feeling of gaiety and image of tranquillity.
You captured the boats nicely. I really like the light you have in this painting.
God speed!
Super use of that pthalo blue.
Love the boats! Just curious what hangs on your walls?
Really enjoyed seeing your superb Moroccan paintings! Thanks for sharing them.
Dear Julian, looks like a very happy and productive time was spent in Essaouira, your great talent and the magic of phthalo blue has produced some wonderful and evocative paintings. Anna.
Julian, I like the way you have visually read into the citadel in the background: a succession of dilated white ligths and geometric brown shadows that suggests the dancing sunny weather over the frontages of the houses...A vaporous effect of the citadel... just your immediate and first visual impression; while you have described more intentionally and meticulously the windows aligning of the building stuck between the boats on the right side: we can here think of the limitless freedom with which an artist sees the world and decides to use it in his (or her) art.