daily painting titled Still Life with Garlic heads, Knife and Jar

Still Life with Garlic heads, Knife and Jar

33cm x 22cm (13"x8½"), oil on linen Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Monday 11 August, 2008
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that is so very subtle, the blue bottle behind, the point of the knife...but the garlics so real, i was ready to pick one up and start slicing.....many thanks(and for the grey cloudy day as well)
Beautiful and subtle.
I love this painting, especially the position of the knife and the shadow. Beautiful.
beautiful...the painting has a really calm air about it....grey day here today, but greatly improved by this! thanks ~:o)
In still lifes, the knife usually points to the background, while oriented this way it looks threatening and gives us undefinable emotions. The handle besides seems overexposed as if it were a light coming from the back of the table, which runs in connection with the complex network of glitters through the jar. Finally a perfectly right-angled triangle including all the components expresses balance and serenity.
Julian--almost exactly a year ago you painted peaches with knife goblet and bowl. This one today is just a magnificent variation on that theme. The detail on the garlic clearly is the focus but I'm with Alana, the subtle angle of the knife and the shadow does it for me. The spectral jar in the background is pretty spectacular as well. One question though--am I the only one who can't seem to bid on it or is there an issue with the website?
and now I feel like an idiot--it's a full blown painting, not one of the postcards. I'd still love to know how to bid on it. Thanks.
this is wonderful, absolutely gorgeous
I love this painting. Is it sold or are bids still being taken?