daily painting titled Self Portrait

Self Portrait

11cm x 13cm, oil on gessoed card Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Thursday 6 March, 2008
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Hey....very nice!
You look sad...and incredibly empathetic. Merci.
I like the painting but you do look a little tense. Better take a couple of aspirin and elevate your feet.
Thanks Karen, Joyce, Bill, I thought I looked like I was concentrating but hey ho, I'll take an aspirin and put my feet up!
You look as if you were concentrating.So there!
Wow! Brilliant Julian. Would love to see a higher resolution shot of this. I love the paint application around the outer fringes of the hair and ears.
Your brilliant, confident strokes and the bold, descriptive colours portray such an appealing and "present" feeling. Self portraits pose a unique challenge and you have done it so convincingly - It is exciting and I love it.
Thanks Wendy and Louis, the painting is very small and painted in something under an hour, it was painted on a grey background (a previously wiped unsuccesful painting!) so while much of the hair is painted wet in wet there is a lot of underpaint showing through - I was very pleased too!
a wonderful little self portrait, so expressive, I can't believe you did it in less than an hour!