daily painting titled Oignons doux

Oignons doux

20cm x 15cm, oil on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Sunday 31 March, 2019
Posted in Still life paintings


Love the close crop of the subject matter - give it a dramatic feel. Rather cinematic.
Hi Julian, I think that this is one of your best ever!! The composition, the complementarity of the colours, the richness of the onions!! All, simply beautiful!! I'll bet your little one is really growing up now. God bless you all, C-Marie
Really nice! I too like the composition, the color and the texture.
Your art work is magnificent as always! It gives me so much inspiration every time I look at your work! When you paint a subject, the colors and subject all become alive😍😘 I enjoy it tremendously. I learn a lot from just observing your art work! THANK YOU FOR SHARING!
Really love this one! The gleam on the items behind the onions are like licking a hard candy with my eyes!
This is your best one yet!!
Love your onions...just took photo of a bowl that I hope to paint also...earthy...nice!
I LOVE this one .... very gorgeous:)
It’s a beauty, wonderful composition. I love how diagonal splits it. The two sides playing dark and light , and warmer cooler. the Roots, ooh the roots .