daily painting titled Summer road

Summer road

20cm x 16cm, oil on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Monday 25 May, 2020
Posted in Landscape paintings


So beautiful and tranquil!!!

so peaceful in a time of turbulence

I love this one! So. Well done.

Wow! That's lovely. It is one of the great pleasures of my day to open your emails!

Oh my goodness! I love this! It makes me want to be there— in that very spot! Thank you for taking us there.☺️

I'd stack your poppies against Monet or van Gogh any day. You know how to star them but add drama. Most poppy pictures lure you only to find nothing but the poppies. This picture adds drama in the darkness beyond. Another true winner.

It’s beautiful. It’s complete. Everything that needs to be is in this painting.

Inspirational! I love the way you've captured the quality of light – even though much of the image is in shadow. And suggested the poppies without too much detail …

Finally landscapes !!!!
So inspiring outdoor paintings
Thank you and continue

Just started to receive the daily postcards as, apart from being in awe of Julie's talent, I wanted something to inspire me to start painting again. Now I understand that I'll never be able to paint this well so I think I'll give up, save myself the anguish and just enjoy the "view" every day instead!

Really beautiful...wish I was there 🙂

I’m so sorry I missed this auction because I would’ve liked to at least bid on this painting. Unfortunately I am in the back country of Idaho and Wi-Fi is almost nonexistent. I was hoping it hadn’t sold by the time I got to it but ,alas. Hopefully you’ll be inclined to do more landscapes.
Love your paintings, thanks for sending.

To paint a complex beautiful work so small, each area is exquisite in color & tone. A fine fishing excursion. Do you do larger work from your daily paintings?
Amazing light always, no hesitation, love your work.