daily painting titled Bread and water

Bread and water

17cm x 12cm, oil on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Sunday 20 January, 2013
Posted in Still life paintings


I love the lovely light blue colour on the glass highlight, its a masterstroke.
What can you say ? Just perfect or you have done it again...
I was about to say the same as Rich did...simple but beautifully done.
This is beautiful! No shaky strokes here....Cynthia
You've made bread and water mysterious. And may I add, the bread looks delicious!
Lovely - Happy Birthday Ruth!
A fine and timeless painting, could bite into that bread.. Have just read Ruth's lovely and evocative book--just right to escape the snow and ice. Reserved it at Bushey Library, Hertfordshire so many can enjoy.
But......Oh, what a beautiful bread it is! Haven't commented for some time, but I never fail to open each new work and oogle over each. I am finding a new affinity for the still life. Even though I always will have a true love of the landscape. All the best, (as usual.)
The lighting is just beautiful! I can't help but look at the rim of the glass and texture of the bread over and over. Your work is fabulous!!
Hi Ruth Happy Birthday! The water in the painting could be scotch as it picks up the colours in the background.
do hope Ruth is getting more than bread and water....happy birthday, Ruth, and thank you for the painting, julian. gfs
I love your one/two sentence accompanying your paintings. I feel like I have a friend in a village in France with his son, Louis and Ruth, whose book I've given to so many. Happy Birthday, Ruth!!! It's all rather strange to me that I feel I know you so well. And one day, not this year, I will visit you or take your painting class or something. Painting? I can taste the crisp, warm bread and it's probably the best painting of a baggete(sp?)I've ever seen. So it goes. Karen
I haven't commented for a while either .... travel to the USA etc. Your still life paintings never fail to impress me ... especially your glassware rendering. Such amazing solidity. Its a great pleasure the view these works ... thank you again for the opportunity. I do hope that Ruth scored a little more than bread and water to celebrate her birthday! My best. Bob
it's a wonder you can paint!
Alain - where are you? Waiting for your observations on todays Bread and Water and especially yesterdays Cock Robin.
Dear DeanO, I have decided to definitely stop my comments. Anyway,I do not see what I could usually add to all these eloquent comments.Furthermore,one day, someone has insulted me on this site:I have never forgotten the event.Since that day,I have never made the comments I really wanted to write:sadly,as a kind of self-censorship.I shall continue,of course,to look at Julian's paintings day after day and his evolution.Julian is an estimable person.The show must go on.
Happy Birthday, Ruth! (Alain - do not stop your comments - I liked your intelligent, poetic way of looking at Julian's paintings, and I enjoyed your words.) Julian - Warm, cool, light, dark, lost, found, feeling, composition, PRIMO! What else can be said! I know you enjoyed yourself!
alain. please do not let the comment of one person keep your intelligent, artistic and very apt comments from reaching the rest of both yours and julians fans. Please? gfs
Alain, please don't stop commenting on the paintings. Aside from all of the typical, obvious comments made by most, yours are always so interesting and thought provoking.
Dear Alain, I am very sorry that you have been affected by the comments of one person and hope that you will soon feel able to again share your poetic and insightful comments with us. In a world awash with ugliness and anger, artists like Julian, websites like this and observers and commentators like you need to be supported and encouraged.
Alain! Please come back! I miss you! Just love this painting.