daily painting titled Two red pears

Two red pears

21cm x 16cm, oil on board Painting status: SOLD
This painting is available as a limited edition print
Daily painting for Wednesday 11 September, 2013
Posted in Still life paintings


Beautiful just like the ones we have in our garden in France Well done and beautifully painted.
I am pleased to see your new work, Julian.Tenderhearted duo. Painting process requires so much energy, serenity and trust.
lovely one - it's good to have a rest!
Even you?????????
Delighted to see this beautiful painting....glad you weren't AWOL for too much longer....I was really missing your beautiful work!
I wish I couldn"t paint like you Louisa x
We missed you. Lovely pears.
Julian I've been AWOL for 2 weeks now haven't finished a painting the entire time. BLAH
Me too!
Missed you. Good to have you back. Beautiful painting
Julian you never know what you'll miss till it's gone and I, like many, have missed your emails, welcome back the pears are delicious,
Glad to receive your latest post. You have been missed! Carol
I was wondering what had happened .... summer is very difficult here to work; far too many distractions! No bad thing to have a break though ... nice pic.
Such a waxy look to the fruit. How did you do that?
Nice to hear that you have the same problem. Lovely to see your work again! Just wish I could paint as well as you do.
So nice to have you back Julian! I think all creative people need breaks to refill the well. You have returned in full force with this gorgeous painting!
Yum. These pears were worth the wait!
Really missed your paintings. You were in my prayers. Your daily works brighten my day. Thanks.
Love these red pears - so precious, thanks!
I was going to send out a St. Bernard... Like everyone I really missed your daily paintings, just goes to show how good they. love the robustness of these pairs... Excellent you having a break.
A break invariably freshens the eye. Mostly a good thing.
And now a triumphant return! Beautiful
Dear Julian, inspiration is a fickle friend, a fair weather friend. That's why the idea of "painting a day" works so well most of the time. It's a discipline, a job. However, there must be time to consolidate, to think and to dream. To be destined to paint means to be bound to paint, therein lies the predicament. Duty bound creativity is hard work. The heady days of summer and the buzzing of the bees is over for this year, but you have been incredibly creative and reached a milestone as well, while giving us all a lot of precarious pleasure! The red pears are glowing and looks so juicy and sweet,perfect against the muted blue grey back ground. From a purely selfish point of view ,thank God you're back, it's getting grey and cold here! Anna.
Well, your comeback is a great little painting! I was beginning to worry that you might think 2,000 was enough. I do so look forward to seeing your paintings, so I thank you for your tenacity in sharing your beautiful masterpieces with us. You have made my day!
Oh, so glad you are back at the board!
Hi Julian , I trust the holiday was good for you and your family? I must echo the others when I say you were truly missed , and it is great to see your name come up on the screen!! Looking forward to many enjoyable meetings in the future , and hopefully someday person to person. You are an inspiring artist / friend , oh and yes the pears are beautiful! Thanks Craig
Beautiful work... I wondered why all the Still Lifes but then I twigged... I guess it's too hot to paint outside.