daily painting titled Clouds from my window

Clouds from my window

16cm x 13cm (6"x5"), oil on gessoed card Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Monday 1 March, 2010
Posted in Landscape paintings


What a great sky Julian! Harbinger of Spring!
todays painting is fantastic...it both looks and feels like the first of march..."march comes in like a lion...."
you can feel the breeze
Nightmare Once a very old insomniac philosopher, in order to while away, decided to wave to each cloud sailing above his head until the latest one. Malicious, God vouchsaves him the immortality.
Wonderful skies this time of the year and here you can feel the atmosphere of clouds scudding by towards spring. Do you know of "the cloud appreciation society"
Hi Julian I love the movement of the clouds and the brush that created them.
Animated movement of the cloud's shadows on the earth seem real. Very nice, Julian.