daily painting titled Jar with two lemons

Jar with two lemons

18cm x 13cm, oil on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Sunday 1 December, 2013
Posted in Still life paintings


Ha ha, you are funny Julian! A very Julian-infused flask and two lemons. :)
Nice conversation..however, I prefer yours.
That's cheered me up! ha ha a perfect birthday painting!
I'm looking at them side by side. Such fun. Love his, love yours.
Yeah you borrowed the idea, but there are enough differences to be a tribute and not plagiarism. A very nice fresh little picture Julian
Erotism here is highly palpable!
Dear Julian, why apologise, anyone is allowed to paint lemons and glass. Anyway, your superb painting of "Jar with two lemons" is light years apart from Hirshberg's undoubtedly very fine painting : "Flask of water and two lemons"! It's a personal preference of course, but I prefer not to balance on an emotionally tight high wire when I look at paintings. Hirshberg's immensely powerful depictions overwhelms me, I find them dark and tragic. Studying his "Cows tongue" brought up a bunch of associations which I would like to escape!!Just look at the tattoo like number on the edge of the said body part. I might be wide of the mark here. In your "Jar with two lemons", the distortions of the lemons through the jar(looks like a little French yoghurt jar, too good not to keep) and the reflections on it, makes a little "scene domestique", very intriguing. There is also a juiciness in the paint that is uniquely yours. On the upper right hand part of the jar, there is an icy blue reflection,conveying so well how light strikes glass, also paradoxically intensifies the yellow of the lemons. I am a very ardent fan of yours, Julian, because I simply love the quiet joy and delight and at times mystery in your very painterly daily gifts. So thank you. Anna
My apologies too, should be Hershberg Anna H.
My apologies too, should be Hershberg! Anna H.
The big difference, Julian, with Hershberg is that your paintings are full of emotions, full of effusions, full of fragilities. Your brushstrokes are life's drives and the surface of your paintings vibrates with hundreds of pulses thanks to the act of painting; your so specfic act of painting: as another Morandi, you tell us reverently: "this is who I am".
I looked at his, too, then back at yours. Yours like your signature: really beautiful.
I wish it were that simple Alain but really, Hershberg is quite something. I would happily clean his palette.