daily painting titled Morning near Mormoiron

Morning near Mormoiron

21cm x 12cm (8¼"x4¼"), oil on gessoed card Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Wednesday 17 September, 2008
Posted in Landscape paintings


I like the way the spots of light in the dark foliage mirror the same on the building, leading the viewers eye. Nice piece.
I can tell by this painting that summer is at it's end. That is really amazing that you can tell that from a painting! Or am I wrong? I can see you standing there with an extra coat on and paint this beautiful painting. I truly admire your colors. And I admire you for your persistence (as well as other daily painters...). Do you realize that you have 25 to go for the big 1000? It is a great tour de force! Thank you for your inspiration, Julian!
I wish I wasn't so broke I could Just buy this one. it's amazing the feeling this one give you. Just beautiful !
just when you are hoping that noone else will see this so you can have a shot...not a chance with this beautiful signature piece. those greens are gorgeous!
Perfect morning colours, PLEASE make this a print!!!
Simply stunning!!
Very nice work! I was wondering how you photograph your pieces. Do you do it yourself, or do you have it done by a professional photographer? If self-photographed, what kind of camera is used? I really enjoy your pieces, and I am inspired by your skill. Thank you, Linda
Linda, the pieces are photographed as soon as I've finished and posted pretty well straight to the web after straightening, cropping etc. in Photoshop. I use a Canon DSLR, tripod and lights (when necessary).
I miss Alain's poetic interpretations...we must never discourage a poet! Alain always finds unique and personal visions within Julian's lovely paintings. Vive la poesie!
Thank you, Janet, for saying what needed to be said so well! I'm missing Alain too!