daily painting titled Morning Road, Autumn Vines

Morning Road, Autumn Vines

19cm x 14cm (8"x5"), oil on gessoed card Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Thursday 19 November, 2009
Posted in Landscape paintings


just beautiful....we dont see autumn colors like that here in florida and i miss them....so have been enjoying yrs. this in particular. many thanks, julian. g
I've looked forward every day for 2 years to see your paintings. Something about today's post really resonated with me. I was interested in bidding I gave my name and email and login i.d. and password but when I got to the next step and used these same login and passwords I was rejected. Sorry but this is too difficult. I would suggest that you try it yourself and see what you think.
The glow is just gorgeous! Love the long shadows, too.
Julian...two in one day?? No problem for me! Autumn is my favorite and you always capture every nuance there is in the color. Thank you for your sharing your talent.
My Gosh. You painted air. Crisp, autumn air. How brilliant and beautiful.
Ah, autumn in the morning. Two of my favorites. Great stuff, Julian!
I don't see any problem Joanne seems to work fine, i've written to you privately to find out what the particular problem is.
Hi Julian I wish I could walk along this road, but I suspect that even if I was there, I could not. At this time of year the light and the colour it produces seem to change so quickly that you must catch it when you can. You have done this here for our pleasure.
I love the broad quality of the brushstrokes and yet, how much detail you capture about the overall feeling of the time of day, the light, the air... super!
Nov 18th last year you posted a painting, 'Track through the shadows' which I was lucky enough to buy. This one looks like the same spot, am I right?
Indeed Jenny, it's on our regular(ish) morning walk only a minute from the house, so when conditions are right!