daily painting titled Lemon and Asparagus

Lemon and Asparagus

10 x 20cm, oil on card

Painting status: SOLD

Daily painting for Tuesday 25 April, 2006
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love it, want it

Gosh, all you need is a nice piece of fish, and you have a meal! Say, Julian, have you ever painted fish? I know you have done shellfish. Fish are wonderful fun to paint. Go to market and get a nice, pretty one. But paint it fast before it gets smelly. I'll bet you could do a wonderful fish painting.

Julian, you haven't posted in a couple of days. What's up? Don't you realize we're all out here waiting for our daily fix?

I'm with you, Louis--suffering from Postcard-from-Provence withdrawal symptoms. We can start a chapter of Shiftinglight Anonymous.

What's going on here? I haven't seen a posting since last Tuesday...or any other activity.

Hi Louis -- Julian sent an e-mail Thursday saying there is building going on at his studio which was disrupting things, plus he was going to Paris for the weekend to see the Bonnard exhibition, but he would be back and send another postcard on Tuesday. So, don't panic, all is well -- you just have to sit tight until tomorrow. Plus, he gave us a link to his wife's blog called "Meanwhile here in France." Hope that helps!


Thank you Mia. Click on my name and view my site.

Hey, thanks fo the heads up about your site. It is very cool!