daily painting titled Bowl with pomegranates, apples and pears

Bowl with pomegranates, apples and pears

20cm x 15cm, oil on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Thursday 7 April, 2016
Posted in Still life paintings


Beautiful. And fascinating they're all the similar color. What about taste???
That painting just makes me feel calm and happy.
So lovely.
This is lovely in its own right, but more than tha it is such pleasure to see anything done with such complete mastery of technique. Like watching a gymnast nail a landing after a difficult routine—without even breathing hard. Well done.
Baffo, as always, Julian! So, when are you going to be in Maine?
The colors! And the way you used them. This is what painting is supposed to be, and in this case, really is. Wonderful. Elinor
Simple subject matter so masterfully executed.....from the cool lower color up through to the top warmer background with an amazing burnt sienna (?) bowl through the rich reds of the fruit my eye is guided through a paradise of eye candy. This is a winner. Expect to see high number$ at end of auction....high bidder has exquisite taste. Blessings to you from Rhode Island USA
Great Find. Terrific painting. I especially love all the different textures, so subtlety different.
Hello Julian, I just spotted your Still-Life with Cantal vieux, Knife and a Glass of Wine, 2009 in my Modern Art Cookbook. It was a pleasant surprise. Hope all is well. And as always, I love your work! and Louie and your lovely wife of course!!! xo Francine