daily painting titled Red Pear

Red Pear

13cm x 16cm, oil on gessoed card Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Saturday 8 March, 2008
Posted in Still life paintings


THE Platonic pear -- whence all other pears are simple imitations.
Brilliant again!You are a master!
one of the things i like about this site - especially when i haven't been there for a while - is the level of devotion! i love reading the comments, it's a good lesson in art criticism especially from a particular few who talk about the imagery in iconic ways. best...akc
I agree with akclsm, I absolutely LOVE the comments almost as much as the work. I sometimes imagine people with very strong british accents commenting and overusing the word "sublime". Yet, I remain, forever, a devoted fan and really admire Julian's talents. Someday, I hope to add him to my collection..
Thanks everyone, sorry, not sure why the 'add comments' form wasn't working but obviously it's fixed now.
I'm having an afternoon off, watching Trauffaut's 'Les Quartre Cents Coups' (400 blows) which amazingly was made in the year I was born, and eating homemade Lancashire Hotpot; it's grey outside. I do think one can can learn a lot about composition by studying great films at least that's my excuse!
ps.I'd like all my comment contributions to be read in the accent of Roger O Thornhill (ROT) as played by Cary Grant in North by Northwest!
Love the colours on this pear, Julian. I also love how you do strawberries!
hoorah for cary grant and you! i am, unfortunately, american- not to be lived down. so no cool accent, nor am i art-iculate! your site is really helping me to teach myself to paint, -i hope you dont mind ! it's a "brilliant" thing !i am truly grateful to you .
Absolutely beautiful Julian, it still amazes me sometimes how one such basic, humble object can make such a statement, and seem so "important" when painted. Thanks, Neil N. www.neil-nelson.blogspot.com
How about "SCRUMPIOUS" Here in London the rain it raineth ! cheers. Von.
Thanks Neil, you're doing a pretty good job yourself making lovely paintings out of humble objects.