daily painting titled Jameson's


18cm x 15cm, oil on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Friday 16 October, 2020
Posted in Still life paintings


Hi Julian,
Miss your everyday paintings...

When you get a few minutes watch this very touching family moment
for their 88 year old mother


Happy Fall colors

You are so damn good at that!! Rock on....

please tell me jameson's painting in inches, as i
have suggested to you before, am interested in it. your measurements mean
nothing to uneuropena...

am a fellow artist and longtime admirer of your work and have bought ruth's books.

perhaps the jameson's will be my first actual purchase...thanks

So very good.... does my heart good just looking at your paintings
Thank you!❤️

Jameson's One of my very favorites! Slante!

Julian, whoever the lucky person to get this will no doubt raise a glass to it.
It’s fabulous!
Kind regards, Graham lomas