daily painting titled Autoportrait aux lunettes

Autoportrait aux lunettes

13cm x 15cm, oil on card

Painting status: SOLD

Daily painting for Friday 8 December, 2006
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Thank you so much for sharing this with us!
Beautifully done. Bravo!
Just yesterday, I was looking at your portrait section and wondering why you don't do more of them, because you do them beautifully. This is exceptional. It's been wonderful to share in your exciting growth this past year+. Thanks - you inspire.
i know that handsome fellow....
.. you mean you know that old git...
Ohhhh, simply fabulous, Julian!
Right on Julian!! More portraits...although I do love the still lifes.
this is absolutely fantastic, I always enjoy receiving your paintings especially your portraits, thank you
To: Ruth & Julian... You must stop meeting this way! Suggest making a date for dins at some cool restaurant in the 'hood. Bon Appetit! (I agree w/ Ruth on handsome fellow.)D
What-still no dimples showing? You do not smile when you paint..are very intense, obviously. I do agree that you are an excellent portrait artist.
I like it! Like that dash of red along your cheeck. And the little hint of whisker stubble. Artfully done. Paint on!
Thanks Julian....I love your portraits!!
Absolutely beautiful, Julian. A wonderful surpise today.
hawthorne told his students, "Half the likeness lies in the colors--they are the first things we recognize. Your three or four general spots coming together make the portrait, make the likeness. Everyone can supply the rest if the spot of color is fine." you would have impressed hawthorne and hensche with this self portrait!
Outstanding. Lovely.
Thank you for making beautiful art affordable to me. Selecting just one will be very difficult.