daily painting titled Blood oranges

Blood oranges

25cm x 12cm (approx. 10" x 5"), oil on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Thursday 9 February, 2012
Posted in Still life paintings


Brilliant! Great composition and I love the elongated format
Oh how lovely. It is as if I can smell them and taste their lovely sweet juices. Just beautiful.
Thank you for adding the size in inches, too!
Great piece!
exquisite colors in majestic humbleness
Great use of the under painting, Julian. Bravo, my friend!
A majestic lesson about brushstrokes and their meaning.More visible on the fruits of the left half part,less visible on the third and fourth ones and no marks on the fifth orange which moreover stays apart from the others.The evolution of these marks of brushstrokes and their numbers give the fluency and both sense of motion and feeling of peacefulness from the left side towards the right of this elongated painting.The vaporous brushstroke of white like a cloud on the table under the third fruit gives the subtle balance to the painting into which the oranges seem to be organized in a squadron. A demonstration of technical expressionism.
Thank you Alain for your comment. It led me back to the enlarged version of the painting and a more careful examination of it. Of course, Julian, I am always glad to see your paintings pop up on my computer.
Like your oranges Julian. What oil colours do you use for the background?
Thankyou for reminding me of the wonderful subjects we have right in our own fromt yards...I have abloodorange tree right here...Florida is great about that also...Love the format...Thankyou...Carol
Hey, so gorgeous! But we have blood oranges here too (in Illinois USA). Admittedly they are from Israel and available at Whole Foods. But sour! Painting is eatable! Madeleine