daily painting titled Late afternoon, Crillon-le-Brave

Late afternoon, Crillon-le-Brave

18cm x 13cm, oil on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Thursday 1 November, 2012
Posted in Landscape paintings


Somehow the golds and lavenders pull everything together. Great job.
Still have great memories of being there on vacation and meeting you and Ruth with Ann. Thanks for your pictures and comments it makes the day more fun.
Unreal landscape,unreal lights... The vineyard crackles and sparkles as thousands of golden jewels on the front of a peaceful house in the shade And two elongated shadows just in front of us Are kissing each other Tenderly Among the verdant grass... Arcadian happiness.
Love the light and magical affect in this one Julian!
Beautiful Julian! I love it. Thanks, Anita
Nice composition! Plus en francais, s'il te plait! (sp?)
I am totally enthralled by this painting!!! I echo all of the comments above, so beautifully stated. I so look forward to each day's offering from you, Julian. What a pleasure!
Exactly the same in Tuscany on Saturday ... painting warm weather now. Nice painting and encourages me to get out!
I like the roughness and energy you brought to this painting - and then you knew just how to direct us to the focus in your painting. Thanks.
Snow...with 70 mph wind and no electricity! Did Louis love the snow and go sledding? Amazing. Did "Sandy" drift on over to France in the night? Loved the vineyard colors, like a beautiful quilt.