daily painting titled Clementines on a spanish dish

Clementines on a spanish dish

17cm x 13cm, oil on panel (approx 7"x5") Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Tuesday 18 October, 2011
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Beautiful Autumn painting..very glad you are well again, take care of yourself!
So nice to have you and your great paintings back! You've obviously been missed by all.Take good care of yourself for you and your family!
SO good that you are well and back in your studio. I missed the daily fix and was thinking perhaps pressure from your fans would force you to start painting "en plein hospital aire".
SO good to see your paintings agian. Take good care of yourself, and listen to your Drs. advice.
Hi Julian, it mast have been scary but all is well what's end well! I am really glad you are home (best place on hearth specially with wife and son). Hope you get to engoj your days even more than before. I had an Angjoplasty a year ago so I have an idea what you went trough. Nice to see your work. All the best , Mariano
Welcome back, so pleased you are feeling better - make sure you take time to "smell the roses" Val & Ian
Great to have you back! Missed seeing your beautiful paintings daily. Happy to hear you're doing better, welcome back.
Good to have you back. I have missed your posts. I, too, was waiting for a still life of a bed pan.
Now that really is something.
you're back! and your paintings as luscious as ever. we missed you so much!
Well, your illness certainly didn't slow you down. Magnificent.
Very happy to see your painting in my email. The painting is very nice. Great colors.
Yes, it's great to have you and your paintings back. Welcome home!
I forgot to thank Ruth for letting all of your viewers know about your illness. It must have been a very busy and challenging time for you, Ruth. I hope that you have an opportunity to have a little time to relax when Louis is asleep. Julian, you could still do a painting of a bed pan. With your skill in deploying light I am sure you could make it shine as you do here with the clementines in this painting.
Thanking God for answered prayers - You are back and certainly your painting continues to be lovely! Take care, eat and rest, so no relapses! God's blessings -
I am so glad you are out of the hospital! I know - not half as much as you are. Did home ever look better? Sorry we missed your return. Rachel really kept me hopping but she did get her house pretty well cleaned out for the impending construction. In the past finance was the business of the Cobb family and somehow it seems to have ended up as construction. The problem is that one is income and the other is outgo! In any case, you are back and working and your stay doesn't seem to have hurt your painting ability one iota. Bonnie
and what a comeback!
So happy that you are well...you were missed!! Thanks Ruth for letting us know. From this painting it doesn't look like you missed a beat. Julian is back!
I'm so glad to see that you're back painting Julian and feeling better. I missed seeing your magnificent paintings each day.
delightful work. nice to see you are back on your feet. keep well julian.
I feel that all could be right with the world again, now that your paintings are back. Thank you Ruth for letting everyone know - had to sit on my hands so as not to respond immediatly to the news. Everyone's good wishes must have had some effect I feel.
I feel that all could be right with the world now that your paintings are back. Thank you Ruth for letting everyone know - had to sit on my hands so as not to respond immediatly to the news. Everyone's good wishes must have had some effect.
This is such a gorgeous painting. You can almost feel that terracotta dish ,the smoothness of the glaze and the warmth of the clay.Wonderful. And yes, its great to have you back,a great relief. Look after yourself.
I too had to stop myself from responding to your message Ruth, but then thought of the awful crash if everyone emailed! So glad you are better Julian and giving us all such pleasure again.
Lovely.... and I'm so happy you are feeling better and are with your family and painting again. May you stay healthy!
Welcome back, my friend! I have thought of (and prayed for) you often in the past several weeks. It's so nice to see you're paintings again. Be well...
Julian, it's a pleasure to have you back. Regards, Robert.
It's wonderful to have your paintings back on my screen. Stay well. Many thanks for the daily treat! Katherine
Julian: You are an inspiration to those of us coming off or dealing with an illness. I have been battling cancer since 2009 and I can relate to what you have gone througth. This last painting is truly "especiale" and the handling of the dish at eye level is so simple yet so strong. I have been painting in pastel and now I'm going to try my hand at water-based oils. I usually sketch my subject in charcoal and then apply the color. Do you just start to paint or do you do any sketching for composition, etc? I'm always interested in how other artists approach the challenge. Any advice would be welcome Julian. Stay well!