daily painting titled Pear half and dessert wine

Pear half and dessert wine

16cm x 20cm, oil on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Monday 7 December, 2015
Posted in Still life paintings


Not many red dessert wines! (being pedantic - two ss in Dessert) You have one of the world's best white dessert wines near you - Domaine de Durban at Beaumes de Venise. Try it. Happy drinking.
Love the glass, it's so glassy! Sorry but the pear isn't one of your best (just my humble opinion) Just wondering if pears and dessert wine do actually taste nice together; must try that one day.
I think you are quite sporting to take art critiques every time you put a painting up...but now we have food critics, too? I love the colors of the red wine with the pear and I would be fine with an old shoe if it made for a wonderful composition! Your postcards are a bright spot in my day. Thank you!
I really miss you and Ruth. I would love to return.... Your work is just marvelous and inspiring.
Just love it and especially the newish colored background: very interesting color that offsets the foreground!
I love what you see when you paint - a very well-trained eye.
Got to love that custardy pear against the grays. I thought it was an apple until I read Suzanne's comment, but it didn't matter which, to me. I just really liked the scribbles of color and the long pink stem. Cheers to food and wine in the darkness of winter.
Dear Julian, the sweet wine looks like some kind of Muscat Noir, the whole has a Chardinesque feeling about it(sorry to harp on about Chardin)with sculpted brushstrokes and melting high lights,the warmth and domesticity I always find in his paintings(and often yours). Adding to this, looking beyond my screen and through the window,there suddenly appears, after a short, sharp rain shower,a sky like a piece of striped silk, lavender, deep coral, and Copenhagen blue(don't ask me what Copenhagen blue is,suffice to say it's a sweet,innocent baby blue). Blissful moments!
This is another remarkable piece of work, Julien! I loved the previous one you did a day or two ago and this is just as good. I thought the pear was an apple (due to its angle) but who cares! It is SO skillfully done - from the beautiful glass, to the red wine and apple and I LOVE the crack in the shelf leading the viewer's eye to the apple and wine. I'd give my right arm to be able to paint like you!! Well done!