daily painting titled Late afternoon from my window

Late afternoon from my window

20cm x 12cm (approx.8"x4¾"), oil on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Tuesday 4 December, 2012
Posted in Landscape paintings


I had no idea you were so close to Les Baux - Brings back many menories. Lovely painting, beautiful colour balance
We all have wanted to paint these warm colours at sunset but to capture them this way is really the work of a very sensitive and talented person.A wonderful picture.
Les Baux, Bedoin, not Les Baux-de-Provence though I recently had a couple turn up in a very posh car looking for 'l'Oustau de BaumaniƩre having followed their GPS to the wrong village. 50 miles adrift and midday already!
Hey Julian, Have you considered doing more than one view of the same subject? While your brush is so hot , you might do that. Bob Ragland.
Another thrilling invitation looking into that land full of mystery and promise just 'round the bend.
Lovely painting Lifts the heart.
This painting captures everything that I love about landscape painting. Just that time if day; just that golden light and deep shadow, as well as the lilting light in the sky,(not to mention the CLOUDS!) Thank you for another beauty.
hi julienne did you receive my email re me not receiving all 3 prints from the store ? only 2 not sure if this is where i should send mail regarding your store....many thanks enjoy what you do emmensely