daily painting titled Hay bales

Hay bales

20cm x 13cm (8"x5"), oil on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Friday 14 June, 2013
Posted in Landscape paintings


Another lovely summer image, always like to see paintings with hay bales, the modern variety are as quaint as those Monet used to paint but they still say summer.
Hi Julian, I like this painting a lot. It looks like you are relishing being out again enjoying the warmth of the sun and the forever evolving colours of the countryside after a long, cold and windy spring. Have a lovely weekend, Nathalie
Masterly, magical, enchanting.The exquisite blue of the hay bale echoes the blue of the mountain on the far left which suggests another visual depth (crossing the second hay bale) to the painting than the main perspectives given by the succession of hay bales towards the right side and also the depth created by the big hay bale with the fourth one towards the houses on the hill.Four cypresses...Four hay bales. Subtle alchemy,everywhere.
This is so wonderful, Julian. Alas, I am outbid already. One of these days.....
Wonderful. I love painting hay and its gold tones. Great job with the shadows.
Dear Julian, not so long ago you painted a field of green spring wheat, now in midsummer, mellow, weighty looking hay bales. A wonderful perspective, love the horizon with its dark cypresses like exclamation marks. How the sun catches a distant roof. A very beautiful composition, so pleasing. Yet your paintings are never contrived. I keep looking at the nearest hay bale and almost feel it could be set rolling down the slope! Gathering momentum by it own weight! Do we love wheat and hay because it represent nourishment and therefore security? Anna.
Hi Julian, Enjoy your paintings of the country being a city girl I've never experienced such a sight. You take me there in your art. All I need is a bottle of "French country air" perfume to make it real. This painting is great everything about it. Makes my day and fills my mind with ideas to paint. Have a lovely weekend.
I love the curve of the land, the bits of blue in the hay bale, the blue-ish quality of the distant trees, offset beautifully by the warmth of the foreground.