daily painting titled Apple and Lemon with a Black Bowl

Apple and Lemon with a Black Bowl

27 x 22 cm, oil on Linen, oil on card

Painting status: SOLD

Daily painting for Sunday 19 March, 2006
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I tried to purchace the instant it came to my eMail. Is there something I am missing about the process?

Damian Priour

Nice work---it's sold, however. Good for you, tant pis pour moi.

Watching with tremendous admiration at these truly inspiring daily masterpieces. Everyone should have one,two,need I go on.

I love every painting I have seen. I have been trying to purchase one but cannot seem to get there fast enough...
I hope I will be lucky soon... BEth Belkin

Fabulous start to the day - seeing this has provided energy and inspiration -are you considering making prints of any of these? Totally loved the onion too.
X Mhairi