daily painting titled Les Fougassets, Summer

Les Fougassets, Summer

16cm x 13cm, oil on card

Painting status: SOLD

Daily painting for Tuesday 27 June, 2006
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This is amazing! I wish I could win this one!

Not only do I love the deep purple between the rows and the light on the farmhouse roof but I can see at least another 5 miles into the sky you've created to the left of the cloud! The light and atmosphere in Provence must be AMAZING!! Just gorgeous!!

Jan Blencowe

This is a must have! Truly brings back memories of Provence!

This is a must have! Truly brings back memories of Provence!

Would you consider making a giclee of this one? It's gorgeous.

I've been trying unsuccessfully to purchase one of your paintings for months now! This is one of my favorites.

Julian, where's todays work? Anyone want to see my stuff? Click on my name.

Louis, I find it shameful and deeply unethical that you solicit for your site from Julian?s. He worked hard for his success and that's what you need to do, too. This is certainly not the first time you're doing this.

Sorry, anon, You're right. I feel guilty every time I do it. But, I'm a desparate starving artist.

That attitude could be used to rationalize everything from theft to arson. I hope you will desist from now on.

Anonymous.Sorry.Sorry.Sorry. Why don't you email me personally.

I would second anon. Glad someone spoke up about this. Having the poor starving artist mentality won't help you Louis. Generosity towards and respect for your fellow artists and yourself will. The web is a generous place, but not, I think, to those who push too hard. Just like in anything it is worth treating others as you would like them to treat you.

Sincere appologies to everyone who visits Julian's brilliant site!

I don't mind the invitation to Louis's work -seeing today's painting I'm not too impressed. Surely Julian can do better?

Thank you Boudewijn vd B.There was never any doubt that Julian could do better!!

Advertising is welcome on this site. You just have to pay for it - see Google adwords at right.

You're okay Louis... just be careful in the future not to upset the 'Merrow-Smith fanclub!'... They're a rather protective bunch!

I have already sent Julian a letter of apology. And I promise not to do it again.:-)