daily painting titled House, Vines and Wildflowers

House, Vines and Wildflowers

18.5cm x 13cm (7¼"x5"), oil on gessoed card Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Tuesday 14 October, 2008
Posted in Landscape paintings


When I opened the link this morning, (on Cape Cod it's still morning) I actually gasped at this beautiful image. It is too easy too say, "How beautiful!" That can sound so trite. Your admirers know what a wonderful talent you have, Julian, but each time you post a new landscape, I am amazed with the freshness of the light, the quality of your compositions and the fullness of your brushstrokes. Even though I mostly comment on your landscapes, the same qualities are all there in your still life and other paintings and I admire them all. Thank you.
I'm pretty much a "landscape commenter" as well, probably because that's what I do mostly. This one is absolutely lush! I love the variety of texture and color. Great work, Julian. I agree with Dona S., though. Your interiors are a delight as well. I feel a real "human" element in just about all of them. For some reason, they seem to carry a "noir" aspect...full of mystery and intrigue.
I like the fairy-dusting feeling of the white flowers in this and the light on the leaves.
Really strong Julian. . . Love the sweeping lines and flow of light.
...all I can say...just beautiful...trite or not..it certainly applies...
Julian, I wanted to thank you for adding background information to your beautiful artwork. It's like taking a trip to Provence seen through your eyes. I look forward to your post each day. Elle
A couple of technical questions if you please. Let me preface them by saying your paintings are astoundingly beautiful. I have admired them for years. That having been said, here are my questions: A. You paint these jewels on "gessoed card." What type of card do you use? Rag board? Paper pulp? Wood? B. When you ship them overseas, how do you package them so that they don't crack, or the varnish/oil paint doesn't stick to the wrapping. Obviously I could find out by purchasing one but, alas, I am poor and I am nefer in time to bid before it's sold. Thanks for providing me with inspiration as I save all your e-mailed images. Mark Lunde
Absolutely beautiful. The colors are so vibrant, they almost make my eyes squint.
Absolute stunner! I've been keeping an eye on the auction price for this one but it's gone out of my league - as well it should!