daily painting titled Blue and Gold

Blue and Gold

19cm x 13cm (7½"x5"), oil on gessoed card Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Sunday 19 October, 2008
Posted in Landscape paintings


I like how you took a chance with this composition, the fingers of gold reaching up to the blue.
I love the zap of the complimentary colours. The sky is amazing with the glimmer of what looks like gold. I look forward every night to seeing what you've painted next. Thanks for sharing your view of the world.
I just wish I could get hold of this one! Stunning, Julian :o)
Gosh this is lovely, it is one of the things I miss about France, the colours of the trees at this time of year, England is far more restrained mores the pity, I might have to find an arboretum to get my fix, for now looking at this will help!
this tree is outside our house and I have so often, as i come back from my morning run, loved the 'fingers of gold reaching up to the blue' as you so nicely put it patricia. I have tried and failed so many times to take this very photograph and i can now see that some things are only meant for paintings.
on a l`impression qu`il y a un leger vent, que le temps est sec et encore un peu chaud. j`aurais envis de savoir ce qui entoure ce magnifique arbre. michel
Thank you for every one of these paintings! To me they are like windows that bring in much more than light... and Julian you are the master of light and shadow -- so moving.
i would love to know how you got the silver in the blue