daily painting titled Ultramarine


20cm x 14cm, oil on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Thursday 29 June, 2017
Posted in Still life paintings


Your painting of the paint tube reminds me that any object can become the subject of a painting. It reminds me particularly that as well as trying to paint the mountains, I could be painting my teapot or the zucchini flowers. Thank you for your great paintings.
What a marvellous study in reflected light. A salutory lesson for many of us. Thanks so much!
The last painting I bought from you was a tube of paint...to me it says "beauty is anywhere we can see it" "one note of color up against another" as Charles Hawthorne and my teacher Henry Hensche used to say...I show your painting to my students all the time to remind them of what true humility and beauty in painting looks like to me....thanks again...would love to buy this one too but still barely able to pay my bills, you know the deal.