daily painting titled Mooring posts, Grand Canal

Mooring posts, Grand Canal

20cm x 15cm (8"x6"), oil on masonite Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Thursday 4 November, 2010
Posted in Paintings of Venice


I've been reading Donna Leon's Venetian mysteries, a recent discovery for me. It's been very nice to have your series of Venetian oils to transport me there along with her words. I very much like the warm buildings with the icy blue water in this one.
i think i am enjoying your Venice-scapes more than your gorgeous still lifes. if that's even possible. you are really good!
or is it still lives with a 'v'? ;-)
These recent pictures mark a freer approach that reveals a more honest and unique touch. I recall a story, or rather a part of one, where a sort of famous painter was depicting a fantastically photo real painting outdoors somewhere. It may have been a landscape he was meticulously working on. People would stand and marvel a his skill and apparent accuracy. However someone had stuck a paper sign on his back which of course he didn`t realise. It read "I am blind".
This is delightful! The light dances off of the water's surface. The facades of the buildings in the distance bask in the warmth of the sunlight. A beautiful painting. I am enjoying your Venetian work very, very much. The agility of your plein air brush strokes is masterful.
I'm reading one too, there are a couple in the apartement!
...And by this wonderful shining day,thousands of red and golden fishes are coming,in order to share the Venetian Feast...
What I like about this painting is the forceful style that says, this is what I see.
Julian, Your venice work looks quite different from the work from Provence. The close ups of canals look more similar. Are you exploring or.......?
Bolgar, Surprisingly, it is "Still Lifes"...not still lives! In the same way the we say Montreal Maple Leafs and not Maple Leaves !! I'm sure that there is a grammatical explanation for this...but I don't know what it is.