daily painting titled Still Life with Peach and Silver Goblet

Still Life with Peach and Silver Goblet

15cm x 13cm (6"x5½"), oil on gessoed card Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Monday 14 September, 2009
Posted in Still life paintings


Julian: Your edges are effortless, non-existent, perfect. I am enjoying your post cards... such a bright spot in every day. Thanks Julian.
Fill the goblet with wine and drink a toast to a perfect peach. The colors glow against the black background. Lovely.
The cool metal of the goblet against the soft warm fruit, the gentle light drifting in from the left bringing life to both. like it.
So true Patrick, I love having my regular fix of Provence via Julian's delicious paintings
At first, by its size, this pot-bellied peach immediately catches the eye. But soon, because of the oblique straight line of its shadow, the peach becomes for me a weightless entity, an incandescent red planet,with its masked facet (the Yin shadow),and half covering a brightly sun inside (the Yang): so attractive scorcher...The gobelet here ("Poor devil"!)tries to reassure, but it is (almost) an immaterial passive entity, only made up of reflections. Now if I draw the outlines of the whole still life (gobelet + peach but without the shadows), one can perceive a geometric nose cone, with its apex being the upper tip of the oblique line, a nose cone, maybe evoking the religious symbol. I find this work is more than a naturalistic picture, more than a "postcard": a visionary "mind" stands behind.
Wonderful work as usual Julian. Love the peach!