daily painting titled Quince blossom in a jar

Quince blossom in a jar

18cm x 12.5cm, oil on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Sunday 28 April, 2013
Posted in Flower paintings


Very beautiful!

The seeming simplicity of this painting with its focus on a pink flower in bloom and two buds on the sides of the vase makes it a rich and soothing image.

Beautiful fluid brushmarks Julian! Fab.

BTW nice and sunny further up north...HA!

Exquisite..and sad

It's amazing how a painting can bring back memories of a place you once lived and noticed flowers around you. When I was a child a neighbor down the street had a flowering quince I was told not to eat the quince that it was tart. Enjoyed the blooms so much. Thanks for the memories Julian and your beautiful painting.

A few days ago, I said I was in love with your peonies (painting) .... now I am feeling so fickle because I am in love with this painting too! :). It's just so lovely, and soothing (somehow) to look at. I would be thrilled if I could paint half as good as you, Julian.

I admire your skill in painting glass and is that a fallen petal behind the glass bottle? Whether it is or not, I like that little slash of pink you've painted on the table with the shadow coming from the glass bottle. It draws the viewer's attention in an ever-so-subtle manner.

Beautiful job.

Thank you!



A peaceful, quiet and beautiful painting, Julian. Love it!

Utterly and beautifully transposed to paint and canvas!!! Thank-you, so much!! Blessings always, C-Marie