daily painting titled Route de Crillon-le-Brave, soir

Route de Crillon-le-Brave, soir

25cm x18cm (approx. 10"x7"), oil on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Wednesday 30 July, 2014
Posted in Landscape paintings


Beautifull evening - atmosphere
Oh, how I love sunsets!!! ... and those two colors combined. Nothing more beautiful, in my opinion, than the warm peaches and oranges next to the purples of an evening sky. It's beautiful, Julien ..... it somehow reminds me of driving along the lovely Blue Ridge Parkway through Virginia, USA in the late evening. The mountains are more rugged along that Parkway, but your painting brings up the same memories. Thank you!
I think this is your best, most atmospheric landscape so far. Beautiful Julian. Sorry about the weather. Sadly here in the New Forest UK we have had sunshine and 25c upwards for a good couple of weeks. The food is much nicer in France though! Just come back from cycling 298 miles in Brittany with husband, daughter and her man. Now we are home it was great!!! May do the canals next year though! Regards Sarah Orchard
Beautiful - I love that time of the day.
One of the nicest sunset paintings I've seen in ages Julian.
Hi Julian , this is just beautiful , such great colour through out the whole painting. Did you have a photo to work from or did you create the whole composition? I will have to get a photo of my best sunrise and show you , it is hanging on my oldest son's wall. Thanks Craig
Yesterday, bright tones, today, muted tones... Masterly!
Gorgeous, such a translucent sky with that feel of the encompassing darkness! Bravo!
Very beautiful:)