daily painting titled A Track in the mountains

A Track in the mountains

12cm x 16cm, oil on card Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Thursday 1 March, 2007
Posted in Landscape paintings


so, i have been waiting for this one (which j has had up his sleeve for a couple of days now)to say that, if/when? there is a book this should be on the cover. to me this painting captures everything about life and the light here.

so does anyone know any ripping publishers? we have been thinking about doing a self published book over the last year but it involved so much investment and time, and we still don't have our kitchen tiles down...

Another beautiful painting. You have a fabulous ability to capture light and shadow.

Don't worry about the spam email. I could tell that it was a software glitch and nothing to worry about. Upgrading to new software always has its kinks.

Wow, one of those days permalink should have read/2007/03 of course congrats to all who found their way here - plum out of apologies. Night Night

This gorgeous painting was worth deleting 35 e-mails. You are forgiven,Julian.

This is the most beautiful...what is waiting around the bend???? More beauty I suppose....perhaps we'll find out in another of your paintings...
*Not to worry about the emails...stuff happens :)

Very nice...

I agree with Alana. Don't worry about it. These daily paintings are a joy during a New England winter.

Aye, this site is worth a few dozen spammy emails or so..

Fantastic use of color and tone! Love the greens you've mixed to provide those great leafy textures.


This beautiful and dramatic view reminds me of some of the gorgeous scenery in and around Cassis. I'm just wondering, Ruth, if this is one of the "paths" that you run every day, or whether it's too far....Best wishes for getting those tiles down in the kitchen! And thanks, J., for providing memories, hope (green is for hope), and incredible contrasts between the whites, the blues, and the greens. A visual feast.

no joyce, i don't run this particular path, but it is very like many near us as we are in the wilder rather than the prettier part of the vaucluse. there is nothing between our (tileless) house and the tracks up the mont ventoux. apparently we are the only hamlet not destined for mains drainage so it will probably stay that way. septic tanks aside, it is probably a good thing!

hey today i actually rang the tiler....of course now he's booked up all spring.

I love this one, too, but agree with yesterday's poster that First Almond Blossom belongs on the cover of your (I hope it comes to pass) book.

This is lovely....Is there a place on the site that I'm overlooking that tells the amount of the winning bid? I meant to look just before the auction ended, but missed it and I'd like to get an idea of what various of my favorites go for. Thanks.

Oops, never mind...I figured it out!

Julian-Thank you! What a gift.

I've also arranged it so you can click on the sold under the painting here on the main site to see the auction winning bid for that painting Susan