daily painting titled Bowl of Clementines

Bowl of Clementines

55cm x 38cm (15"x21½"), oil on linen Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Monday 20 December, 2010
Posted in Still life paintings
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Stunning... What else can i say? Your use of light always amazes me, and the "falloff" of light here is truly wonderful. Thanks for posting this Julian. Have a wonderful Holiday!
oh yes.... classic Merrow Smith, just the sort that I lurrrrv. xx
Your talent never ceases to astound me! Thank God for the internet so that you can so liberally share it-- thank God for your human touch that so often goes into hiding these days.
So clean and clear, I love this one!!
Breathtaking. The color is wildly perfect and those leaves are a terrific structural frame. Without them it would indeed just be a bowl of clementines. With them? Beyond beautiful.
Ooooh, this is just lovely. Serene, stately, classic.
Just wonderful! Merry Christmas, Julian. Thank you for the pleasure you have brought us on an almost daily basis. As well, we have the landscape we got from you this year propped where we see it and appreciate it a dozen times a day!
....and i get more and more envious of your perfect pitch for colour.....
This is very elegant. Bravo Julian
great painting.. very real looking. makes one want to eat them clementines. very best regards...
Julian: I'm so glad that you have decided to paint more of the larger works. I already own one of your very best "postcards" and now will be tempted to buy one of your larger works. I study many artists on a daily basis and your work is still my greatest inspiration. Parke
OMG!!!!!!!This is gorgeous! By the way, copies of my translations of Rimbaud's ILLUMINATIONS came in today with the reproduction of your "Summer Storm," 8 June 2008 on the front and back cover. I must say that thanks to you, it makes for an pretty elegant looking little book. I'll get your copy in the mail tomorrow. Thanks so much! The URL for it is: www.xlibris.com/ARTHURRIMBAUD-ILLUMINATIONS.html And Merry Christmas to you and Ruth!!!!!
Very beautiful painting. Had my self portrait of you at the framers but he rang to say the frame I wanted will not be in until Feb. I'm willing to wait as it is a gorgous frame and compliments your portrait so beautifully but I did not want to leave you at the framers so I have bought you home for Christmas! :-)
Beautiful picture. and these are so delicious right now. I've been eating two or three everyday.
superb painting!
A gorgeous painting, Julian. Merry Christmas and thank you to you and Ruth for many moments of beauty this past year.
Enough fruit already!