daily painting titled Clementines de Corse

Clementines de Corse

19cm x 12cm, oil on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Thursday 14 November, 2019
Posted in Still life paintings


HOW do you CRANK OUT so MANY stunning paintings? Your color, brushwork, values are simply outSTANDing! I wish I could paint like this! I really wish you taught still life workshops.......(I've asked before, but hey, what do I have to lose?)
Hi Julian , the painting is beautiful, as for the Corsican sea I can relate vaguely as we enjoyed some time this summer on the coast of Prince Edward Island. We are shoveling snow here in Ontario. Thanks Craig
Beautiful beautiful work!
Your painting is as delicious as the clementines portrayed, Julian. Fantastic job!! Cheers Anne
Takes my breath away... Simply stunning.... Perfect for a cold grey day in Michigan
This painting is fabulous! The texture and color in the leaves is wonderful. To the writer above, I attended Julian’s Plein Aire workshop and he did do extraordinary still life demos that I loved! It was worth my trip and I have been painting better still life’s ever since. ( I too, prefer to the Plein Aire experience, but both were so worth it. Go if you can and ask Julian to demo his still life technique. He is a genius with exquisite taste when it comes to still life.
I love your clementines Julian, and those leaves are stunning!
STUNNING!!! Took my breath away!
The best clementine painting I ever saw,!!
Something shifted, immediacy I guess. You are more focused into the subject. I have been following your postcard almost 9 years. I love whole your works, your portraits, Ruth’s book, You have been giving me daily dose of strength. I could feel your weather, your whisky is not boring. Oh, Julian might have bad weather there like us in here. You channel these feelings through your paintings. I forward your postcard to others, because you give us strength to live. Thank you very much. Please do not discourage if half of your subscribers won’t send you any comments. I would love to hear Ruth’s cello too. Thank you very very very much Julian. Soko
Very lovely this one! Freezing here too and the clementines really cheer things up
I wish we had Corsican clementines in our supermarkets; we are offered only Spanish ones. Love these juicy babies!
Magnificent. These clementines are the epitome of still life, individual yet perfect representations of their kind.