daily painting titled Dinghies


20cm x 13cm, oil on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Sunday 28 August, 2016
Posted in Marine paintings


Lovely painting. Lovely workshop..... enjoy the rest of your Holiday. Safe trip home, Fond regards, Kathy & Fran
It was a pleasure to meet you and Louie. I hope I spelled his name right. You just never know who you will bump into here in Maine painting! I hope you have a great painting trip. I also hope you or Louie might enjoy your Sketch-N-Can. Thank you.
Oh, this is just gorgeous!!! One of the best ever, Julian. I feel I'm back sitting in a little quiet cove enjoying the stillness of the water. I hope you're getting the same hot weather we're experiencing here in Ontario.
your work still marvelous but still wish you'd give inches not cms which i do not translate. glad you're enjoying NY stay. all best, jill gill
Myanmar(Burma as was), Liberia in West Africa and the US are the only countries not using the metric system! Just think of a centimeter as approximately half an inch, paintings are usually 8 x 5 or 6inches
Hi JULIAN. I Love this one! it is so tranquill. I am an artist, had 3 exhibitions , 2 in kazan, Russia. and 1 NYC. NOW HAVING AN ARTIST'BLOCK S O S ENJOY THE DAY PHYLLIS