daily painting titled Le Grand Bleu

Le Grand Bleu

20cm x 12cm, oil on card Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Wednesday 13 June, 2007
Posted in Marine paintings


It's 97 degrees just outside my door right now. This painting is so very refreshing, I want to just dive in to that infite blue. Breath taking picture Julian. Thank you.

I LOVE this one! But the bid is already out of my price range. ;[ sigh. I think you should randomly pick someone to recieve one of your pieces for free. ;) And maybe you could randomly start with me! ;D Sound like a good idea to you!?!

Perhaps the wind rustles your hair as you smooth your brush through the thick dab of blue paint...perhaps you are sitting down, letting your surroundings absorb into you...absorb into the canvas...absorb into me. Perhaps you are standing, with other olive trees around you... sun beating down, calm breeze, ocean, stillness... but mainly you are at peace. Thank you.

Oh yes indeed, these blue shades really do it for me. XM

nice, julian. did you see the bike race pass through your town today?

Hi John, yes we noticed the banners up as we came back early this morning, I presumed it was going to be at the weekend but then I heard the MEGAPHONES from the studio. I'll have to check out the news to see who won the stage. Still find it hard to believe those guys can get up that mountain in less than an hour, it's a 40mins drive!

they do a play by play daily at www.velonews.com . those guys are super-human. i've rented a house in dordogne next month and look forward to riding some-- in the valleys!

Thanks for the link John, such drama going on whilst I'm just painting away!

quite the contrast.
keep up the grand work! i have four of them now. so glad the auction system has given you a raise...