daily painting titled Quinces


16cm x 14cm, oil on gessoed card Painting status: SOLD
This painting is available as a limited edition print
Daily painting for Thursday 6 December, 2007
Posted in Still life paintings


Sensational quinces. That blue is mesmerizing.
Ah! Those bright colors warm up a cold day! Thanks so much for this daily peak at such beauty.
amazing colors and brilliant idea after the last number of magnificent landscapes with quince trees. Just one question--what is a quince?
It's a very dry fruit, tastes like crab apples, not to be eaten raw, but very perfumed and like a large lumpy apple. Mostly they make a substance called "Paté de Coings" from it which is like a solid bar of dried fruit (think apricots or similar). It's good with duck or in a Tagine. These are the very same Quinces as in the landscape, I pinched them. There is a marvelous film, Spanish I think (or portugese ), called The Quince Tree Sun, all about a painter painting a painting of .... a quince tree. It's a great word, Quince. that's about all I know
Didn't the Owl and the Pussycat dine on Something Something and Pieces of Quince?
I forgot to say that the painting is fabulous! Wish I owned it!
Thanks Julian--I like the word pinched almost as much as quince.