daily painting titled The beach at Padangbai

The beach at Padangbai

17cm x 12,5cm, oil on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Sunday 13 February, 2011
Posted in Paintings of Bali


Not only a holiday poster. The palm-tree is leaning.For the moment, everything is quiet,the brushstrokes under the palm-tree are evoking an innocuous breeze,which seems to sip in through the wall of trees.But the prudent tide,wisely,is going out quietly...
Thanks for the pics-felt like I was there, almost.
Julian, your time in Bali is really showing in this picture. You've captured it so beautifully. Welcome back to Provence.
I've been watching your blog for a long time. Your work is always inspiring. You will be remembered as a MASTER.
Goodbye Julian...see you back in Provence...really feel like I travelled with you and saw all these scenes in Bali...you have made the very ordinary (to us who take these scenes for granted) come alive...it makes me feel like running to the nearby beach here in Manila where I live and am sure I will see more in living color...my vision being awakend by your imporessions! May you be always inspired to paint! Thank you!
Julian, I have enjoyed the story-board images of your sojourn in Bali and nearby islands of the Indonesian Archipelago. No doubt you bumped into many of my countrymen in the more populous areas. Since you enjoyed being away from the cool climes of Provence, I was hoping you would fly an additional 8 or 9 hours to civilisation DownUnder in Melbourne. Perhaps next time. Cheers, Dai
A studio has been offered....and Jenny can throw in a 'beach shack' so all can experience some paintings of the beautiful beaches along our south coast!!??....tempted?
I can hear the palm fronds rustling in the breeze. Gorgeous little painting.