daily painting titled Three peaches

Three peaches

20cm x 40 cm (8"x16"), oil on linen Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Friday 19 July, 2013
Posted in Still life paintings
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These look sooo real.carol
Fantastic painting Julian. Very life like, well done keep it up. Steve
I agree with Carol's observation ..... they do, indeed, look real! I find your colour choices in this piece (background, in particular) interesting. Among many of my painting challenges, I find the choosing of a background colour to be one of the most difficult decisions. You just nailed it, Julian! A job well done. Elaine
I feel the fuzzy! Great job.
How lovely and simple--can almost smell the parfum of ripe peaches. Love the background and the composition. Perfect.
You are so damn good...
Hi Julian, Lovely painting and it evokes the aroma and feel of such a wonderful fruit. Add some scent to your paints Julian and the buyers will go wild ! Not just the color of the background but the marks also repeat the shapes of the peaches that makes it perfectly peachy. Seriously you always bring something new to each painting and seeing them day after day and week after week your creations brings so much joy to all who view them. Have a wonderful weekend.
I like how the "punctuation marks" on the background echo the fruits outlines.Here the muted tones are exquisitely delicate.We have the feeling of a very palpable atmosphere so close to Sir Joshua Reynolds and Simeon Chardin paintings.