daily painting titled Autumn Colours, Les Fougassets

Autumn Colours, Les Fougassets

16cm x 13cm, oil on card

Painting status: SOLD

This painting is available as a limited edition print
Daily painting for Wednesday 15 November, 2006
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Wow! Wonderful - can you do this as a print please........

Whoops! Just spotted the notice about the limited edition print - I'm now going off to read it ;)

Fabulous!!! Simply gorgeous, Julian!

Rich, Lustrous!! Fabulous
evocative colors!

i have been trying to buy this. it is past the time stated for the sale. this is frustrating.

I'm lovin' it! Nice one Julian! By the way, your website is set as my homepage, so I get to enjoy your art many times a day...thanks.

And to the previous poster, 13:30 is 1:30 EST, we're not quite there yet, good luck to all of us!

curse my bad luck for arriving late to the party...this one is alive! my eyes can't stop dancing around the painting.

You are a genius with shadows, they speak soothingly.When my email life gets frantic and goes into overtime, I always open your paintings and feel good. Thank you so much.